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Survey Text Questions

Survey Text Questions are not actually questions. They are a formattable text option that does not ask for a response from the subject. Text Questions are often used for instructions, descriptions, or any other text not requiring a response.

How to Create a Text

Text In Motion

  1. Click Create Question
  2. Select Text
  3. Type and format your text. Formatting options include:
    • H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 are all headings with the largest font being H1.
    • Blockquote (used when quoting a large section of text from another source)
    • UL (unordered list) such as: Fonts:
      • Arial
      • Times New Roman
      • Comic Sans
    • OL (ordered list) such as:
      1. Turn on computer
      2. Login
      3. Work
    • Code Block (a section of source code)
    • Bold makes your selected text bold.
    • Italic slants your selected words.
    • Underline places an underline under your selected words.
    • Monospace used to differentiate code from natural language text.
  4. Click Save.

Advanced Settings

Once you have finished adding your text and saving it, you will have access to the advanced settings for that question.

Question Options

Here you can:

  • Expand or Compress the box

    Expand Compress

  • Move, copy, or delete it by clicking the ellipsis button

    Ellipsis options

  • Set Logic or Style

    Logic - Selecting Add Display Logic will open a screen where you will be prompted for more information needed to guide who sees this text based on answers to previous questions linked to this logic. Logic For instance, You may create the following Text "Prenatal vitamins help provide the vitamins and minerals a baby needs to develop in the womb. It is advised all pregnant women take a Prenatal vitamin." but only want pregnant women taking the survey to see this. By adding logic and linking it to the "Yes" response of the previous question, "Are you pregnant?" will ensure only those who are pregnant will see the text regarding Prenatal Vitamins.

    Click here for more information on Logic

    Style - Here you have two options to change the appearance of the text:

    • Dense Margins (tightens the margins around the survey item)
    • Indent Survey Item (adds extra left padding to the input control)

    Survey Style

You can also add Advanced Settings, including Logic rules, to your survey question.

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Last update: 2021-06-24