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Survey Photo Questions

This survey question type asks the subjects to submit a photo as an answer.

Use photo questions when requesting picture updates of wounds or weight loss progress photos.

Photo Question

How to Create a Photo Question

Once you have entered the survey builder and have started to craft your survey, you can add a photo question with the following steps:

  1. Click Create Question

  2. Select Photo

  3. Type the text for your question (such as "Please take a photo of your wound and upload it here.")

  4. Click Save

Advanced Settings

Once you have finished adding your text and saving it, you will have access to the advanced settings for that question.

Question Options

Expand or Compress the question/text box

Expand Compress

Move, Copy, or Delete it with the Ellipsis button

Ellipsis options

Set General, Logic, or Style Settings

  • General

    Survey Advanced

    • Require a Response - Clicking this checkbox requires participants to answer the question before being able to proceed with the survey.
  • Logic


    • Clicking the Add Display Logic checkbox will allow you to set the parameters, guiding which subjects will be asked this question based on answers to previous questions linked to this logic.

    Photo logic

    Click here for more information on Logic

  • Style - Here you have two options to change the appearance of the text:

    • Dense Margins (tightens the margins around the survey item)
    • Indent Survey Item (adds extra left padding to the input control)

    Survey Style

You can also add Advanced Settings, including Logic rules, to your survey question.

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Last update: 2022-02-15
Created: 2021-02-22