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Survey Matrix Questions

A Matrix question provides a rating scale for participants to use as an answer. Matrix Example2

How to Create a Matrix Question

When in the Multiple Choice question type:

  1. Click Create Question
  2. Select Matrix and the following will appear:

    Survey Matrix form

  3. Type in your question (this is optional.)

  4. Choose the response type (these are the options for your columns). Click add or delete to provide more options. In the example above, an Integer response was chosen.

    • Survey List (preferred) - You can select from the two existing lists (Country Codes and USPS States) or create your own list.

    • Text - You can create a set of your own text responses for participants to choose from by clicking add or delete . Click Save when finished.

      Note: Survey Lists are similar but preferred over text responses as Survey Lists can be reused throughout the survey and provide better data analysis.

    • Integer - Similar to a Text response, except the answers are numbers.

    • Time - Choose the time responses you wish to offer as answers. Survey Multiple Choice Time
    • Date - Similar to Time response, except you select dates instead of times. Survey Multiple Choice Date
  5. Add Questions for each table row (In the example above, it is a list of various fruits.) Click add or delete to adjust your items.

  6. Click Save when finished.

You can also add Advanced Settings, including Logic rules, to your survey question.

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Last update: 2022-02-15
Created: 2021-02-22