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Survey Lifeology Course Questions

A Lifeology Course survey question allows you to add a Lifeology course to a survey.

Lifeology logo

Lifeology is a division of LifeOmic that unites scientists, writers, and artists together to create fun and educational mini-courses on health topics.

Click here to access current Lifeology Courses

Click here for an example of a Lifeology Course on Mindfulness.

Lifeology Mindfulness

To add a Lifeology Course to your survey:

  1. Enter your question/text (optional) in the box provided. In the example below, we provided the following text, "Take our Lifeology course for another way to improve mental health." If you leave this blank, it will simply have a clickable "Launch Course" button.

    Survey Lifeology

  2. Enter the full Lifeology course URL in the box, such as:

  3. Click Save
  4. You can adjust more settings to the Lifeology Course question using the tool icons beside the question.

    Lifeology Tool Icons

    • Advanced Settings -
      • General
        • Require a response - selecting this checkbox will require the user to provide an answer to the question before proceeding, or in the case of the Lifeology course - they will have to click on the course and complete it to proceed with the survey
        • Provide a custom code - Custom codes will help link a survey question with a medical concept. If you click this box you will be asked to specify the system, the code, and the display
      • Logic - Clicking the checkbox for "Add display logic" will create the rule to only show this question if the logic rules you set are matched. (E.g., You may set the logic to only show the Lifeology cancer course if the user answers yes to the survey question, "Do you have cancer?")
      • Style - This tab allows you to adjust margins and indentations
    • Ellipses -
      • Move the question up or down
      • Copy the question
      • Delete the question
    • Chevron - Clicking this will expand or compress the question

You can also add Advanced Settings, including Logic rules, to your survey question.

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Last update: 2021-06-24
Created: 2021-02-22