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Survey Alerts

Survey Alerts can be set up on published surveys to alert a user via email about a survey response.

Alerts are set from the survey page.

How to set a survey alert

  1. Click the Add Alert button in the left column of the surveys page.


    This opens the Alert page (see image below).

    Survey Alert Page

  2. Under General, give the following information:

    • Alert Name - Name your alert (such as "Wound selfie uploaded")
    • Alert Description - Describe what is being alerted
  3. Under Criteria, complete the following:
    • Toggle for “Alert if ALL of the following criteria are met” OR “Alert if ANY of the following criteria are met".
    • Alert Criteria #1 – Click in this box and select a survey question you want to base your criteria on.
      • Set your Value Comparison (options available depend on the question being asked)
        • Equals
        • Does not equal
        • Less than
        • Less than or equal to
        • Greater than
        • Greater than or equal to
      • Set your Comparison Value (options available depend on the survey question, for instance, yes/no, no pain/slight pain/severe pain, and so on).
  4. To add more Alert Criteria, click the button. Or to delete an Alert Criteria, click the button.

    Add Alert Criteria

  5. Under Alert, fill out the following:

    • Alert Email Recipient – Type the email address of the person you wish to alert.
    • Alert Email Subject – Set the Subject line for the email (such as "A patient has completed the post-surgical survey"). When you click in this box, the following tip appears: “Type ‘@’ to prompt embedding alert contextual values.” This allows you to select from the following preset links to include in the email:

      • Subject Identifier (the survey respondent’s unique identifier within the PHC system)
      • Survey ID (the name of the completed survey)
      • Subject Viewer Link (a link to the respondent’s subject viewer dashboard)

      In other words, using the “@” and one of the above selections, provides a clickable link to that information within the PHC rather than display the user's personal health information in the email.

    • Alert Email Content – Type the text of the alert email. When you click in this box, you'll get the “Type ‘@’ to prompt embedding alert contextual values”, allowing you to choose from the options provided.

      Survey Alert Link

  6. Click Save. The survey page now shows the alert you created (see image below).

    Survey Alert Set

Delete Survey Alert

  1. On the survey page, find the alert you wish to delete in the left column and click it (see image above).
  2. The alert page opens. Click the Delete Alert button at the bottom right of the page.

    Alert Delete

Last update: 2021-06-24