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Surveys are a powerful tool of measurement used to track progress and provide feedback. LifeOmic's Survey tool allows users the ability to input customized questions and response options to survey their clients and customers with the end goal of collecting valuable and measurable data.

Survey Questions and Responses

A well-constructed Survey can provide valuable feedback. When building your survey, consideration of audience, content, format, placement, and wording will ensure you obtain the feedback you seek. For tips on building effective surveys, click here.


Your questions should be clear, to the point, and relevant to the survey response or feedback you intend to collect.

Survey Responses

Survey Responses for questions can be as simple as "Yes/No" or as complex as a rating scale. While all responses allow analysis of data and feedback, not all responses are graphable (e.g. text responses). This is an important consideration when constructing a survey, especially is administering your survey to a large population where reading a mass amount of text responses would be cumbersome.

Survey Response types

  • Single Textbox (short text response)
  • Checkbox (single statement requiring a yes/no response e.g. Click this box if you were a patient of Acme Medical in 2019.)
  • Multiple Choice (preset list of options for responses)
  • Matrix (rating scale response)
  • Photo (allows you to upload a photo as a response)
  • Lifeology (add a Lifeology course to a survey)

Note: The easiest responses to graph in the LifeOmic Precision Health Cloud (PHC) Insights tab are Matrix, Single Textbox with numeric answer option, and Multiple Choice.

Consider your audience and the response type you will use to collect the feedback when constructing your question. See Survey Tips for guidance on crafting your survey.


You can add Logic to your survey questions, tailoring the behavior of the survey by allowing participants to skip questions not relevant to them based on their answers to previous questions. Logic questions reduce survey dropout rates and improve the data collected by customizing the behavior of the survey based on the response entered. (e.g., If Logic is added to "Are you pregnant?" You can set it so those that answer "yes" will be asked an additional question such as, "How many months are you pregnant?" before advancing on with the survey, while those that answer "no" will automatically advance in the survey without seeing the additional question.)

Survey Delivery

You can share your survey with participants via a sharable link, a direct email invite, or in the Surveys tab.

Managing your Surveys

The status of published surveys sent to participants can be viewed by Participant Survey Response or by Survey Response.

Survey Statuses:

  • Not Started - The participant received survey but has not begun the survey.
  • In-progress - The participant has started the survey but has not completed it.
  • Completed - The participant has completed the survey in its entirety.

Analyzing your Surveys

You can view graphs of your current survey submissions by clicking the Analysis icon within the Survey tab as shown below. Survey Analysis

This will take you to the Analysis Page where you can see the results graphed. Survey Analysis Graph

Last update: 2020-07-10