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Pardon our dust Cohorts are subsets of the whole and are useful for filtering out the data visualized in an Insights graph. Only individuals with the Create Data privilege can create a cohort.

In the Subjects tab, purple is the designated color for the Cohorts filter option and is reflected in the purple line across the Subjects page as well as a purple colored dot beside the category we are filtering on.

You can use the Search Cohorts to search the existing cohorts. You can add a cohort by clicking the + symbol. You can also delete a cohort and view the subjects that are within a cohort.

Cohorts made with SSv2 can be updated. Click on the Cohorts tab. Click on the name of a cohort to expand it. To the right you will see the list of subjects within that cohort. If you want to remove a subject from a cohort, you can select everyone you want to remain in the cohort and deselect the subject(s) you wish to remove, then click Update Cohort action button at the top of the screen to update the subjects in the cohort. You can double check this by going to the menu on the left and clicking View Subjects within that cohort. The subject list to the right should update. If you change your mind and want to add the subject back into the cohort, return to the Standard tab, click the checkbox for the subject you wish to add back into the cohort, then click the Add to Cohort action button at the top of the page. Select the cohort you want to add them to, then click Update. You can double check this by clicking on the Cohorts tab, Click on the Cohort you wish to expand, click View Subjects on the left panel within the cohort and the subject list on the right should reflect the newly added subject(s). Also, you can select all the subjects in the table (by clicking the checkbox at the top of the table) or select individual subjects and create a cohort with this very hand-selected list, by clicking the Create Cohort action at the top of the table, giving it a name and description (optional), and clicking Create.

In SSv2 we can add or remove subjects from a cohort, by selecting the subject from the table, clicking “add to cohort” or “remove from cohort”, and choosing which cohort to perform that action on.

Adding a Cohort

Only individuals with the Create Data privilege can create cohorts in the Subjects tab of the PHC.

  1. Click on the Subjects tab of your project.
  2. Click on Subject Filters. Create cohort
  3. From the list that opens, select the criteria for your cohort (e.g.,living males). ![Subject Filters]
  4. Click Save as cohort.
  5. Give the new cohort a name and description (optional).
  6. Select if you want the cohort to be Static or Dynamic: - Static - Static cohorts are like a snapshot of patients that meet those filters at that single moment in time. The data displayed will remain current, whether you add or subtract someone from the project. - Dynamic - A dynamic cohort is one that provides the newest information with all current patients in the project. This can change any time a new subject is added or removed.
  7. Click Save as Cohort.

Last update: June 11, 2020