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Modules are the graphs and tables that make up a layout. The two types of modules are tables and graphs. Data in tables is similar to the data displayed in a graph, the one difference is that tables can be configured to not respect the date range; instead, they show all records regardless of the date recorded. Tables display the most recent records.

The PHC has some common modules available in a library for easy adding to your project. Or users can create a custom module.

Add a Module to a Layout

  1. On the Subject Viewer page, be sure the layout you wish to customize is selected in the layout dropdown (if it isn't, select it).
  2. Click the icon beside the layout name to enter the layout editing.
  3. Add a module by clicking the within the purple circle at the bottom right of the page.
  4. On the Add a Module page that opens select between:

    • Existing Modules:

      1. Click on Library tab.
      2. Scroll through available modules or use the Search Library search box.
      3. In the module row you wish to add, click on the (far right of the row).
      4. Continue adding modules or if you are done, click the in the top right-hand corner of the page.

      Add a Module Page

    • Build Your Own Module - Current modules available are shown in the image below. Build a Module

      1. Select from the modules displayed.
      2. Once you click on a module, it will add it to your Subject Viewer and you will be in edit mode.
      3. Set the parameters for the data displayed in your module (parameters vary based on module).

Last update: 2021-09-09