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Subject Experience of Programs

Once a program is built using Program Builder and a subject has been assigned a program, the subject receives a notification on their Today tile in the LX app. These daily activities post at 5AM EST. Activities must be skipped or completed to advance to the next course.

Programs Today

Once they click on the Today tile, they may be presented with the consent for the project (as shown below) or they will see the day's task list. A consent must be approved to move forward in the program.

Programs Notification

In our example, we clicked the notification and were presented with the Accept Consent button.

Programs Consent

Once completed, we could view our tasks for the day. If time of day is specified in the activity's settings, tasks are organized by the suggested time to perform said task. Options include: Anytime, Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.

Programs To Do

Completed tasks are crossed off, as shown below.

Programs One More

Some tasks ask the subject to add/edit their LX pillar data. There is also a Skip Activity button that will mark it as skipped on the to-do list.

Programs Skip

Subjects receive push notifications anytime they are assigned new tasks. If they've missed completing a task that day, they'll receive a "Past Due" notification the following day (as shown below). Also note the green progress arc circling the day to show how much of the day's activities were completed.

Programs Past Due

Last update: 2022-03-01
Created: 2021-12-02