Information regarding Omics Tests can be found on this page.

Omics Tests

In the top right hand corner of the page are the following buttons:

  • Open subject in Subject Viewer

    Subject Viewer

  • Open test in Omics Explorer

    Omics Explorer

  • Open files in Files UI .


    Note: Test files won't have readme's generated automatically, however, an admin could manually create a readme.

  • View CLI Help


Along the top of the Omics Tests page are three milestones (see image below):

  • Test Date
  • Upload Date
  • Ingestion Date - This is when it was ingested into the PHC, indexed, and added to LifeOmic's analytics

Omics Test Milestones

The Sets Table on this page has four columns of information:

  • Sequence Type:

    • Somatic
    • Germline
  • Set Type:

    • Copy Number Variants
    • Structural Variants
    • BAM Files
    • RNA Expression
    • Short Variants
  • Name - Test name
  • File - An external link icon (see image above)

    Clicking this takes you to the .vcf file to view or download it: - If the .vcf file is too large, you'll get the following warning (clicking the Open File button will download the file)

    Large File

    • If the .vcf file is small enough, it will open, allowing you to read it inline (as seen in the clip below).

    Small Test File

    Icons in the .vcf file blue header include:

    • View CLI help - clicking this icon opens a popup with a link you can copy to run in the LifeOmic CLI (see image below)

    Omics CLI

    • Download it (If the file is too large, it will tell you it’s too large. You can click the “Open file” link and it will download the file to your computer.)
    • Send a shareable link to this page

    More information about Omics files can be found here.

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Last update: 2020-11-05