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Omics Summary View

The Omics Summary view allows you to view the individual tests stacked in one table for easy viewing. This differs from the Filtered View, where the sequence types (Germline/Somatic) and the different variant types for each can be viewed separately and filtered to fine tune the data viewed.

To view both the Germline Variant and Somatic Variant data displayed together in the Omics Explorer data table, toggle the Omics Summary toggle ON (toggle is found in the blue banner at the top of the Omics Explorer screen).

By default, the most recent test is automatically expanded. Tests can be opened or closed by clicking on them.


Filters are not accessible in the Omics Summary view.

Omics Summary

Each row of the Omics Explorer data table is a variant. Clicking on a row opens the Variant Detail page where you can see more information.

Default Filters

If there are Default Filters set, the Omics Summary table will only show the variants that meet the criteria for the default filter.

You can click the "Default Filters Applied" above the table to see which filters are being filtered on (see clip below).

Default Filters

Setting a Default Filter

To set a default filter, a user must be in the Filtered View of the Omics Explorer, and must have one of the following ABAC privileges:

  • readData
  • readMaskedData
  • projectAdmin

For instructions on setting a default filter, click here.

Last update: 2022-01-24
Created: 2021-04-05