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EHR Integrations

LifeOmic provides the ability to connect your EHR (Electronic Health Record) system to the PHC for automatic ingestion.

High-level Ingestion Flow

Scheduled Ingestion Flow

API Models

Below are the API models used to achieve this EHR ingestion flow.


EHR: Represents the metadata needed for the PHC to:

  • Authenticate with an EHR

  • Download data during an ingestion

  • Transform the data to FHIR (based on ehrType)

Connector: Represents a connection to a PHC project which should receive data ingested from the EHR

Ingestion: Represents the synchronization of data from the EHR into the PHC

Scheduled-Ingestion: Allows for scheduling an ingestion (such as every day)

See the EHR API documentation for more info.

User Interface

There are also UI components that can be used for simple EHR integration management.

  1. Go to to access the PHC.

  2. Click on the account name in the header.

    Click Account Name

  3. If you belong to only a single account, you'll be taken directly to the Account Management page. If you belong to more than one account, a dialog similar to the one below will appear. Find the account you'd like to manage from the list and click the "Manage" button.

    Click Manage

  4. Select the "EHRs" navigation option.

    EHRs Navigation

  5. From the "EHRs" view you can see the list of any currently integrated EHRs you have created. From this view, you can create a new EHR integration, click a record's view icon to see details on an existing EHR, or delete an EHR integration entirely.

  6. From the "EHR Detail" view you can:

    1. Configure connectors: EHR Connectors

    2. Start and monitor ingestions: EHR Ingestions

    3. Schedule ingestions on a recurring basis: EHR Scheduled Ingestions

EHR Types

Currently, we only support Cerbo EHRs. Thus the type field on the EHR API model must be cerbo.

Contact Us

Contact us if you are using a different type of EHR and are interested in a PHC integration, or are using Cerbo but need help setting things up.

Last update: 2020-12-31