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Clinical Trial Matching

LifeOmic provides a clinical trial matching experience driven by genetic variant data from whole-genome (or down to panel-based) VCF data indexed by the platform, as well as biomarkers, diseases and demographic data.


  1. Instance URL - Point to your clinical trial matching instance (URL) provided by your clinical trial matching service.

  2. API Key - Paste in your API key provided by your clinical trial matching service.

  3. Disease Tags - A patient's disease data exists in the PHC as FHIR Conditions.

    These Conditions may contain any number of tags to provide additional context data.

    In order to effectively filter out irrelevant diseases when attempting to match a patient for clinical trials you may provide tag data for the Conditions you would like to include in the match attempt.

    For example, setting the System field as and Code as primaryCancerDiagnosis, only FHIR conditions associated with the patient that have meta tags with and primaryCancerDiagnosis as System and Code respectively will be used when attempting to match clinical trials.

Contact us to learn more about available trial matching services through our Feature access program.

Last update: 2020-02-01