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The Engagement Flow is a feature that automates several functions of the PHC (invite to consent, survey, demographics) and allows you to track subject engagement across various Engagement milestones, such as completing a survey. We recommend using Engagement for any project you're inviting subjects to participate/share data in as it takes care of auto-nudging/reminding people to join the project if they didn't do it the first time they received an email.

Engagement Flowchart

Access Control

Enabling Engagement Flow and setting the flow parameters requires the Administration>Account (ABAC engagementAdmin) permission. To grant privileges, see Access Control.

The Engagement Flow is not enabled by default. Users with the proper access permissions can set up and enable Engagement Flow from the Engagement tab found on the left side of the PHC interface (see image below).

If the project has a consent published, it will automatically be added to the flow as a milestone for subjects to complete. You may also add a published survey or multiple surveys. With Engagement Flow enabled, by default, all subjects with an email address in the project will automatically be added to the flow and assigned the published consent and/or survey(s).


The default setting of Engagement Flow is for subjects with an email address to be automatically added to the flow. However, the admin setting up the Engagement Flow can change the invite setting from automatic to manual by toggling off the "Auto-add all project subjects to the flow” in the Flow Settings.

How to set up Engagement Flow

Engagement Flow is set up with a few easy steps:

  1. Click on Engagement on the left side of the PHC.

    Engagement button

    The Engagement page includes a Flow Checklist, as shown below, (only available before engagement is setup), the Engagement Path (milestones), and an icon to help you access the Flow Settings where flow parameters can be adjusted.

    Engagement Home


    If you have a consent and/or a survey published for the project, a green check mark will appear beside those items in the Flow Checklist. The consent will automatically be added to the flow but the survey must be manually added to the flow via the Flow Settings.

  2. Click on the Flow Settings icon and adjust the parameters of your Engagement Flow in the window that opens.

    Engagement Flow Settings

    • Auto-add subjects toggle (this can be changed at any time)
    • Invite via PHC (web) or LifeExtend (android/iOS) - see flow settings for info regarding these options
    • Add one or multiple surveys to the flow (optional and can be changed at any time)


    Subjects will only get one email for all surveys in the engagement flow if they are new or if the surveys already exist as part of the engagement prior to inviting them. Otherwise, they'll get an email for every new survey they're assigned.

  3. Click Save.

Subjects Experience of being Added Manually to Engagement Flow

Once Engagement Flow is set up, new subjects added manually will:

  1. Receive an email invitation.
  2. Click the link in the email and create a PHC account on the page that opens.
  3. Receive the project consent and can agree or reject it.
  4. If they agree to the consent, they will be directed to the demographics page where they can verify/change their information.
  5. Click Save.

Flow Checklist

The checklist on the left of the Engagement page is only visible prior to enabling Engagement Flow. Once enabled, this list will no longer exist on the Engagement screen. Each flow checklist item is clickable and will take you to the corresponding page (for example, clicking "survey" takes you to the survey page of the PHC).

  • Consent – (Optional) Publish a consent document to automatically assign to all subjects. Once you create a consent for the project, this will have a green checkmark beside it. (Clicking this will take you to the Consent page.)


    When you create a subject and add them to the Engagement Flow, the Engagement Flow creates a consent record for the new subject even though they have yet to register. However, subjects in the project created before the Engagement Flow was enabled, will not have been given a consent record yet. Thus, if you were to click on the Subjects tab and filter subjects with a Consent Status of Pending, it would only show those subjects created after Engagement Flow was enabled.

  • Survey - (Optional) Publish a survey to automatically assign to all subjects. (Clicking this takes you to the Survey page. If no survey exists, you can create one now.)

  • Enable Flow - Clicking this opens the Engagement Flow Settings window. Enabling Engagement Flow will allow you to automatically assign all enabled milestones and view all subjects' progress. (Clicking this takes you to the page found in Engagement) Once you enable the flow, it will create a shareable invite link in the page's blue header for users to join the project (see image below).

    Invite Link


If you want to invite a current PHC user to the Engagement Flow, do not send them an invite link as this would create a second account for the same user once they click the link. Instead, add/update their email address in their Subjects demographics. (To see subjects who do not have email addresses associated with their profile, visit the Subjects tab on the left of PHC.)

Engagement Milestones

Milestones map where a user is in the Engagement Flow. Once the Engagement Flow is enabled, you can click on a milestone and the table listed beneath it will show which subjects have completed the selected milestone. In the example below, all four subjects have completed their registration, consent, and demographics. Only two subjects have completed the survey attached to the Engagement Flow.

Milestones Table

The four possible Engagement milestones include:

  • Registered - Registration has been completed
  • Consented - Consent has been completed
  • Demographics - Demographics has been completed (if you’ve sent them an invitation or they are accessing the PHC through the web, they will be asked to complete the demographics piece)
  • Completed - This relates to the survey(s) connected to the Engagement Flow. If more than one survey is connected, you can click the and to advance through the surveys in the flow. The Milestone Table results will reflect the selected survey (see image below).

    Engagement Multi Survey

Schedule Reminders

You can schedule a reminder for any or all Engagement milestone(s) to nudge subjects who have not completed a milestone of the flow. If someone in your project has not completed that milestone, they will get a reminder email sent at whatever cadence you select. The subject will only be reminded of the first milestone they have not completed. Once they complete that milestone, you can remind them to complete the next milestone if need be.

How to Setup a Scheduled Reminder:

  1. Click on the milestone you wish to send a reminder email about.
  2. Click the Schedule Reminders button.

    Schedule Reminders

  3. In the window that opens, give your reminder email a subject.

    Reminder popup

  4. Type the content of the reminder email.

  5. Setup the frequency of how often the email is sent to subjects who have not completed this milestone (# of days for repeat).
  6. Set the reminder limit (max number of reminders sent to subjects who have not completed this milestone).
  7. Set the time you wish the reminder email to be sent. (HH:MM military time is based on time zone of person setting the reminder).
  8. Click Save.

Flow Settings

Clicking the Flow Settings icon will open a popup window where you can enable the Engagement Flow and set up the parameters of the flow.

Engagement Flow Settings

Flow Setting options include:

  • Auto-add all project subjects to the flow toggle - toggling it on will automatically add any project subjects to the Flow
  • Tell how subjects will be invited
    • PHC (web) - Selecting this will include demographics as a milestone to complete.
    • LIFE Extend (Android/iOS) - Selecting this sends them an email invitation and push notifications. All data they enter through LifeExtend will be input into the PHC as usual.
  • Active survey dropdown menu - Select one or more of the surveys created in the project to attach to the flow. To deselect a survey, simply click on it.

    Note: Changing the Active Survey invites new and existing subjects to the newly selected Active Survey. Previously scheduled reminders will now apply to the newly selected survey. This action cannot be undone.

Automatic or Manual Invite

Engagement Flow can be set to automatically add subjects to the flow or set to manually invite the subjects. By default, the Engagement Flow is set to automatically invite people to a project as soon as there’s an email address associated with their subject user.


Email addresses are required for subjects to be invited to the project and flow.

If you've enabled the flow and add a new user without an email address, they will not automatically be added to the flow until you add their email address. (To see subjects who do not have email addresses associated with their profile, visit the Subjects tab on the left of PHC.)

  • Automatic - If the Engagement Flow is set to automatic ("Auto-add" is toggled on as seen in image below), new users and any existing users manually added to the flow will get invites, consents, and/or surveys of your choosing.

    Engagement Autoadd

  • Manual - If the Engagement Flow is set to manual (“Auto-add all project subjects to the flow” is toggled off), you must:

    1. Invite your subjects by clicking the Subjects tab on the left of the PHC interface and inviting users via the "Invite" action button (see image below). The newly invited subjects can login, complete the consent (if one exists), and complete demographics.


    2. Add the newly invited subjects to the Engagement Flow. This is done in the Subjects tab, by selecting the subject(s) you wish to add to the Engagement Flow, clicking the "Assign" action button, and selecting "Add to Engagement Flow" from the dropdown menu. You'll then be asked if you want to add them to the Engagement Flow. Click Add.

Note: When you enable the "Auto-add" flow, existing users will not be automatically invited to the Engagement Flow. In this case, the best way to add them to the flow is to add their email address to their existing PHC account. Once an email is associated with a subject, an invite will automatically be sent to them. It is recommended to not add them to the flow by sharing the invite link generated when the flow was enabled, as clicking the link within the invite email would create a second and unnecessary PHC account for that subject.

Viewing Engagement Flow and Survey Status of a Single Subject

Users can click view a subject's engagement flow and survey status via the Subjects tab found on the left of the PHC.

  1. Click on the Subjects tab tab.
  2. Click on the subject you wish to check the status of - this will bring you to the Subject Viewer page.
  3. Add the Survey Management Layout.
    1. Click on Create Layout in the blue header - this opens the Manage Layouts page.
    2. Click the "+" - this opens the Add a Layout page.
    3. Under the Layout Library tab, click the "+" to the right of the Survey Management row.
    4. Click Done. You'll return to the Subject Viewer page where you can see the new layout or select it in the blue header.
  4. Scroll through the results as shown in the clip below.

Engagement Subject

Last update: 2021-06-28