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Add Workflow

The following steps will demonstrate how a simple workflow may be run that generates an index for a BAM file using the UI.

Generate and upload the master CWL

  1. Generate a master CWL file as described here Here is a sample master CWL
  2. Generate a step CWL file as described here Here is a sample step CWL

NOTE: Instead of using the cli to upload the files, the file service UI provides upload functionality.

Go to the Add Workflow View

  1. Enter a name for the workflow and press Next Add Name

  2. Select the master CWL file from file service and press Next Add Master CWL

  3. Select any file inputs and enter any string inputs the workflow requires and press Next Enter Inputs

  4. Select any CWL dependency files, if needed, and press Next Select Dependencies

  5. Review the workflow run settings and press Start if all looks well or Back to correct any values Review Workflow

And that's it, the workflow is running. You can go to the Automation view to see the list of workflows and select the one you've started to look at in detail.

Last update: 2020-05-28