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Add a Workflow

A PHC workflow allows you to run and monitor the CWL executions contained in a PHC tool.


A workflow requires a tool. If you need to create a tool, follow the instructions in Add a Tool.

  1. On the PHC side menu, click Automation.
  2. On the Workflows screen, click Add Workflow. Add Workflow
  3. At the Tool stage of the process, click a tool name. Add Workflow Tool
  4. At the Version stage, click a version.
  5. At the Initialize stage, enter a useful Workflow Name. Entering a Workflow output folder name is optional, but you may want to enter something easy to identify, such as a project or user name, to help you recognize the folder in the future. Click Next. Add Workflow Initialize
  6. At the File Parameters stage, click the edit icon to select all the files in the PHC that the workflow needs to run and click Next.

    Note: If you need to add workflow files to the PHC, click Files on the PHC side menu. On the Files screen, click Add File.

    Add Workflow Parameters

  7. At the String Parameters stage, complete any displayed fields and click Next. (Different workflows display different string input fields.)
    Add Workflow String

  8. At the Confirm stage, verify the information and click Start to run the workflow. Add Workflow Confirm


You created and initiated a workflow. On the Workflows screen, click on the workflow name for execution details and a graph of the workflow steps.

Last update: 2021-06-24