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Access Control

The LifeOmic platform uses Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) to assign different attributes and dictate what information users have access to in cases requiring complex Access Control.

This will page will guide you through setting up user privileges. See Account Management for more details on privileges.

  1. Login in to the Precision Health Cloud (PHC). If you are already in the system, you can click the PHC logo Project Selection at the top center of the screen.

  2. Click on the Account Info button. Project Selection

  3. Click on the Access Control Tab (this is where all ABAC is managed). Project Selection

  4. Select which Policy Name you want to modify the Access Control and click the edit icon to the right of its name. Edit Policy Examples of Policy users include: - Administrator Access (e.g.,the head of a project) - Subject Access (e.g., survey participants, patients) - User Access (e.g., scientists, doctors)

  5. Either keep Use All Projects box checked to apply the access control to all of the projects OR uncheck the Use All Projects box to view a list of all projects you can modify. Use All Projects

  6. Then select the projects you wish to add/modify Access Control. At least one project must be selected. Project Selection

  7. Click the next icon (see image below) to go to the next screen. (Please note that if you need to go to the previous screen, use the back icon ) Next Back Buttons

  8. Choose the level of access allowed under each Privilege. Privilege

    • All - Gives users full access to the listed privilege. For example, selecting "All" under the "View Data" Privilege, allows the user(s) to list files and view subject data.

    • None - Bans the user from access to the listed privilege. To continue our example, selecting "None" under the "View Data" Privilege, will block the user(s) from being able to list files and view subject data.

    • Some - Allows you to tailor your Privilege access. Selecting "Some" opens up a drop down menu with commonly used Privileges available. Options available to check may include:

      • Insights - Allowing users to view insight data
      • Patients - Allowing users to view patient data
      • Custom Resources - Allowing users to add a customized Privilege from existing Privilege options (e.g., Questionnaire, Observation) or a truly custom Privilege can be created with the assistance of LifeOmic.

    Note: You cannot have masked data and unmasked data at the same time.

  9. Click the next icon to go to Groups. Here you can choose what Group(s) you want to assign these privileges to by checking the box beside their name. If you select the Use All Groups checkbox, a warning will appear, verifying this is what you want to do as it is uncommon to apply the same access controls to all groups. All Groups Warning

  10. Click the next icon to go to Policy Overview. Here you can review what you have selected.

  11. Click Submit to commit your selections. Policy Overview

Last update: 2020-07-10