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  • Account Management - Manage your users, access-controls, and project data.

  • Automation - Task service provides direct access to the data and compute resources with your own code inside Docker. With those Tasks, Workflow service is available to orchestrate those containers using Common Workflow Language (CWL) to automate processes.

  • Consent - FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliant eConsent streamlines the informed consent process by enabling researchers to easily create and manage the consent process.

  • Data Lake - The Data Lake is a managed repository of all clinical and genomic data ingested into the PHC.

  • Files - See how to easily bring large and small files to the PHC.

  • Insights Filters - Query across multiple patients, from small cohorts to entire populations, to easily understand a variety of attributes.

  • Subject Viewer - Data Explorer - Unlock the ability to render data nested inside FHIR on subject-viewer layouts configurations.

  • Subjects - Allows you to search for any subjects within your project by using a filtering system.

  • Surveys - Surveys are a key component in patient-reported outcomes (PRO or ePRO) to support both research and clinical applications.


  • Clinical Trial Matching - A clinical trial matching experience driven by genetic variant data from whole-genome (or down to panel-based) VCF data indexed by the platform, as well as biomarkers, diseases and demographic data.

  • Custom Web Applications - Build your own custom web app that uses PHC platform APIs.

  • EHR Integrations - Connect an EHR system to the PHC for automatic ingestion.


  • Feature Access - Early access to new features

  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Reduce mouse clicks by learning some simple keyboard shortcuts.

  • Share Link - Create a link that can be shared among team members inside of the project.


Last update: 2020-08-31