• Account Management - Manage your users, access-controls, and project data.

  • Consent - FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliant eConsent streamlines the informed consent process by enabling researchers to easily create and manage the consent process.

  • Surveys - Surveys are a key component in patient-reported outcomes (PRO or ePRO) to support both research and clinical applications.

  • Task Service - Direct access to the data and compute resources with your own code inside Docker.


  • Insights Filters - Query across multiple patients, from small cohorts to entire populations, to easily understand a variety of attributes.


  • Clinical Trial Matching - A clinical trial matching experience driven by genetic variant data from whole-genome (or down to panel-based) VCF data indexed by the platform, as well as biomarkers, diseases and demographic data.

  • Custom Web Applications - Build your own custom web app that uses PHC platform APIs.

  • EHR Integrations - Connect an EHR system to the PHC for automatic ingestion.



Subject Viewer

  • Data Explorer - Unlock the ability to render data nested inside FHIR on subject-viewer layouts configurations.

Last update: March 31, 2020