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In Progress

  • Added animations and transitions to elements during login sequence (LO-6261)
  • We've updated the PHC Registration flow to be more friendly and intuitive for new users. (LO-6263)
  • Administrators now have the ability to audit and review create, update, and delete operations on data in their projects. (LO-6476)
  • Add fade in / fade out transition to project picker (LO-6511)
  • Users can now search raw text across all pages within a document when using the OCR document viewer. (LO-6548)
  • The PHC now shows the custom account logo rather than the PHC default logo. (LO-6883)
  • Improve contrast of Subject Viewer > Add Module button (LO-7067)
  • Project settings are now available through the project picker in the left-hand navigation. (LO-7102)
  • Fixed an issue where the OCR Document module in Subject Viewer would not load more than 10 documents. (LO-7117)
  • Subject Search Fixes: A full name search in the "Name" search box will now return matching results, and the "Email" search box will now return matching results as expected. (LO-7128)
  • Introduce a flag to prevent the returning of sample and its mapping for patient related insights query (LO-7225)
  • The Omics Explorer and Subject Search have a new variant allele frequency filter option. (CR-452)

On Deck

  • Bug Fix: Survey alerts now include links to the PHC that are tailored to the user's credentialing provider. (LO-6298)
  • Pathology SVS image files can now be viewed in PHC. (LO-6204)
  • End users will be able to set up multi-factor authentication for their PHC login. (LO-4627)
  • Organizations can send a LIFE Extend invitation that includes a circle invitation as well, so that the subject will automatically be added to a circle when they accept the LIFE Extend invite. (LO-5741)
  • The search field on the Users page within Administration now returns results when searching by username. (LO-6987)

Last update: July 12, 2020