In Progress

  • Enhance ABAC to add a policy to allow administrative users to invite other users into a group without giving full administrative permissions. (LO-6585)
  • Once insights ETL can support persistence to both Elasticsearch and Postgres the scheduler needs to begin running separate, parallel jobs to dual write. (CR-161)
  • Surveys now support attachment-type questions that can be taken by end-users via the PHC Me web app or LIFE Extend. (LO-5903)
  • Administrators have more flexibility with Subject Search, including an advanced search option to allow AND, OR, and NOT, the ability to save filters for reuse, and the ability to select subjects to assign bulk actions. (LO-6126)
  • Added animations and transitions to elements during login sequence (LO-6261)
  • Administrators can add or remove questions to published surveys via survey versioning. (LO-6330)
  • Samsung Health is a supported wearable device in LIFE Extend and PHC. (LO-6411)
  • Add fade in / fade out transition to project picker (LO-6511)

On Deck

  • Pathology SVS image files can now be viewed in PHC. (LO-6204)
  • End users will be able to set up multi-factor authentication for their PHC login. (LO-4627)
  • Bug Fix: Survey alerts now include links to the PHC that are tailored to the user's credentialing provider. (LO-6298)
  • Organizations can send a LIFE Extend invitation that includes a circle invitation as well, so that the subject will automatically be added to a circle when they accept the LIFE Extend invite. (LO-5741)

Last update: March 29, 2020