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In Progress

  • Improved the administrator's experience when creating new groups and policies through Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC). (LO-2749)
  • Created a marketplace for organizations to apply various resources to their PHC accounts. The first resources available for use are standard ontologies. (PHC-41)
  • A SMART on FHIR app to move data to and from your EHR system from the PHC is now available. (PHC-371)
  • Administrators can now select a subset of subjects from the Subject List to send emails. (LO-6972)
  • If a user already has accepted an invitation to an organization's account, the user can be added to additional groups without needing to accept another invitation. (PHC-126)
  • Access Administrators can now view group membership by user in addition to the previously available permissions view. (PHC-198)
  • Added additional information to the Invitation Details dialog to make invitation tracking and review easier. (PHC-199)
  • Improved Access Control configuration. For information on ABAC and Access Control, see (PHC-489)
  • In OCR, the user can create a PDF of the PHI-redacted version of the OCR document. (PHC-591)

On Deck

  • The search field on the Users page within Administration now returns results when searching by username. (LO-6987)

Last update: 2021-02-22