LIFE Extend

4.1.4 April 1, 2020

LX iOS Lots of new stuff for you!

  • Choose your own emoji and text when you post your next mood
  • Learn more about your Circle-mates by viewing a user’s profile. NOTE that users control which data is shareable
  • You can now see the “Sync Data” section in Settings! Start ingesting data from Fitbit devices, Oura rings and more!

LX Android New this week!

  • Guided meditations in the Mindfulness Pillar
  • Messages when you fill LIFE Points pillars
  • Circles can be sorted by “Daily” or “Total” LIFE Points
  • Choose your own emoji and text when you post your next mood
  • Learn more about your Circle-mates by viewing a user’s profile. NOTE that users control which data is shareable

4.1.3 March 21, 2020

Just release a quick fix for a bug we found, impacting users with poor network connectivity. Keeping your app working smoothly!

4.1.2 March 18, 2020

Everyone stay safe out there...

  • Opening Life Extend just got more fun! Watch your pillars grow before your eyes.
  • Bug fixes and other performance improvements.

4.1.1 March 13, 2020

Here’s what we have for you this week!

  • Filling up your pillars is a lot more fun - New Animations!!!!
  • Our home screen is now one scrollable view
  • We have a beautiful new Settings Screen!
  • And a new “Breath Ketones” chart in the Progress tile - if you’re excited to measure Ketones with just your breath see the Biosense device in our Offers Tile Plus, we squashed some nasty bugs - like the endless spinners some users were seeing on App Launch.

4.1.0 March 8, 2020

Some more goodness this week!

  • French and Portuguese speakers, the app is now in your language!
  • You can now sync data with your Garmin get Garmin products at a discounted rate in the Offers tile!
  • More enhancements to the Profile and Circle member details list
  • As always, bug fixes and enhancements Enjoy!

4.0.11 Feb 29, 2020

Tons of new things for you this week!

  • You now have full control over who can see your data. Check out the “My Info & Privacy” section in your profile.
  • Super Fun new Leaderboard in the Circle Member List!
  • Lots of polish on the home screen and within the pillar details sections
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

4.0.10 Feb 11, 2020

A couple improvements this week to make the app more user-friendly!

  • We introduce a new much improved birthdate picker
  • Pillar data entry is now limited to the past 7 days to preserve data integrity
  • As always we have some bug fixes and performance improvements. Enjoy!

4.0.9 Jan 30, 2020

We’ve got a few new updates for you this week!

  • You can now see your password when creating a new account, which should help reduce errors on account creation or login
  • Some fasting arc icon polish
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements Enjoy!

4.0.8 Jan 24, 2020

General bug fixes and improvements. While you might not notice a lot of the work, we are sure you’ll appreciate it!

4.0.7 Jan 14, 2020

Happy new year! We’ve been busy through the holiday season to help you get your new year kicked off right!

  • You can now delete Notifications in the Notifications tab
  • Average LifePoint Achievements (30-day average) and some other updates on Profile!
  • Data Sync: support for iOS 10+ HealthKit Activity Types (like HIIT)
  • You can now access experts in the Learning Library
  • New Emergency Contact option in Settings for US residents
  • Bug fixes and UX Improvements

4.0.6 Dec 19, 2019

We’ve been hard at work getting you some features before the end of the year. Enjoy this last app update, and we’ll see you all in the new year!

  • Introducing Marketplace! This tile has some helpful calculators and tools for your health journey
  • You have a new 30-day rolling average LIFE Points metric in your profile
  • We now require a user to have a profile picture and bio before they can join a Public Circle
  • Block User improvements - If you have been blocked by another user, you are no longer able to “message” that user and most of that user’s profile is hidden
  • We’ve made it easier to see your fasting milestones when you’ve exceeded your fasting target!
  • Some general bug fixes and improvements Happy new year!

4.0.5 Dec 9, 2019

We are busy at work making the app smoother for everyone!

  • We fixed a bug with push notifications and turned them back on
  • We added the fasting arc progress around your avatar image
  • You can access our experts from a Tile on the home screen
  • For our multilingual users, you can now report translation errors from the Settings screen Enjoy!

LX 4.0.4 Nov 27, 2019

Here’s what we have for you this Thanksgiving week! Have a great holiday!

  • Fixed the white screen that would appear at times when tapping on a push notification
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

LX 4.0.3 Nov 22, 2019

  • For those that speak German or Spanish, we’ve got new localized versions of the app for you!
  • We also have some other bug fixes and improvements.

LX 4.0.2 Nov 21, 2019

We’ve got some good stuff for you this week:

  • We’ve fixed the dark mode bugs that are present when editing a fast and some other areas of the app!
  • We’ve also added two new partners to the Offers tile - Olawell and Pique Tea!
  • We’ve updated the validation ranges for data entry across the app
  • We changed the button label on the Tutorial Video
  • We’ve added a survey when deleting an account to understand a bit more why you are choosing to do that
  • Hide blocked user profile
  • Add emojis above pillars on Profile
  • Expert Access Tile on the home screen to make it easier to connect with experts with questions
  • General bug fixes and improvements

LX 4.0.1 Nov 14, 2019

We’ve been hard at work making the app better for you!

  • You can now sync Pillar and Progress Tile directly from the Apple Health app, Fitbit, or your Oura Ring!!
  • New social controls. You can block users whose content you would rather not see, plus • it’s much easier to report content that you think might be inappropriate or violate our content guidelines. We will respond within 24 hours. Remember you can always report bad behavior to circle owners or leave circles altogether.
  • New push notifications for new Feed items, and tapping on them takes you directly to the post!
  • The “Resources” tile is now called “Offers”
  • We’ve updated software libraries to make the app more responsive, and of course numerous bug fixes and app improvements!

LX 1.0.16 Oct 31, 2019

Update to EULA language.

LX 1.0.15 Oct 29,2019

We have some exiting new features!

  • You can now sync your weight data through the Apple Health app! (more syncing sources are coming soon)
  • Look in the Settings or within the pillars for prompts to sync your data.
  • We’ve introduced a feature where you can talk with a fasting expert to get support and answer questions!
  • We get smarter with location questions - using your zip code to population the location questions
  • We’ve also fixed some issues with Daylight Savings Time as well as other minor bug fixes and improvements

LX 1.0.14 Oct 23, 2019

Hi LIFE Extenders! We’ve got a few things for you this week:

  • We are continuing to work on the 422 errors happening with Facebook login
  • We have a new weekly stats section in in your profile that we think you’ll love!
  • We’ve made the notification descriptions others app more helpful
  • Finally we always have some bug fixes and improvements in this release Enjoy!

LX 1.0.13 Oct 16, 2019

Updating analytic tracking for Connect as well as allowing multiple expert accounts.

LX 1.0.12 Oct 10, 2019

General bug fixes and improvements - mainly we moved the “delete account” link and changed the wording to help prevent accidental deletion

LX 1.0.11 Oct 3, 2019

A few small things this week: We have a new “ask an expert” version that supports expert selection - picking who you’d like to talk with A few general bug fixes and enhancements

LX 1.0.10 Sep 26, 2019

Some small bug fixes and improvements this week:

  • Circle Announcements now show up in the Notifications tab!
  • Ability to schedule connect call with an expert for some time in the future when that expert is available.
  • Bug fix which should resolve the pesky 401 errors that have been afflicting some of our users.

LX 1.0.9 Sep 19, 2019

Some general bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Fix for a persistent iOS crash on startup that affects a small number of users
  • Added Logging to help us better understand the 401 errors that affect some users intermittently
  • Addressed some Title wrapping issues, changed the copy on all SAVE buttons to just “Save”
  • Empty Progress Tile Glucose graph goals no longer show up as “null”
  • Addressed latency when posting pics to Feed
  • The Circles Tile more actively shows how you are performing compared to your circle-mates!
  • Android Social Sharing for the first time
  • Profile page Pillars show up completely empty when no points
  • Keyboard spacer added on User Tagging screen to make it more usable
  • Fix for measurement system crash - affected some users when they opened the Progress Tile

LX 1.0.8 Sep 6, 2019

We’ve made it easier and more customizable to post to the feed when you end a fast, so you can tell everyone how you did! We’ve also added a “Resources” tile to the homepage, making it even easier to get the tools necessary to dive deeper into your quantified self. As always, we are busy fixing bugs, particularly ones around using commas instead of decimals in some languages and incorrect “active now” counts in your Circles, among other things. We’ve also done some prep for for the upcoming iOS 13 launch.

LX 1.0.7 Aug 23, 2019

We’ve added the 5 Pillar view in the profiles so you can see how you are doing relative to your Circle mates! We’ve also added an active user count globally for people that aren’t in any circles. Finally, we are always making some polish improvements and bug fixes.

LX 1.0.6 Aug 19, 2019

We now sort each Circle by LIFE Points, most to least, so you can more easily compete with your friends! We’ve also been making improvements to photos in the Feed, allowing them to be tappable for full screen and not cropping them as much anymore. Finally, we are always working on polish, so we’ve updated the data entry screens to be more user-friendly as well as added some more helpful language on the sign-up screens. As always, we’ve been fixing bugs to round out this update. Enjoy!

LX 1.0.5 Aug 9, 2019

This release includes a badge on the notifications tab to let you know when there are new notifications for you, the ability to message another user directly from their profile, and a tutorial video! When you are stuck on login, we give clearer guidance when trying to create a password or you are trying to log in with an invalid username or password. We’ve also been addressing bugs and polish, particularly around data entry and history!

LX 1.0.4 - Aug 2, 2019

We’ve added features to the Notifications section of the app to let you know when there are new items since the last time you used the app. We’ve also been hard at work fixing bugs and doing some overall polish to the look and feel of the app. Enjoy!

LX 1.0.3 - July 30, 2019

We hope you are enjoying things! This is a small release to update the verbiage in the fasting opt-in section to be more inclusive of certain medical conditions that should consult with their doctor first.

LX 1.0.2 - July 29, 2019

Generally available!

Last update: April 3, 2020