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LifeOmic Service FAQs

Platform at a glance

Where can I find LifeOmic's platform status?

For more information, see Monitoring and Rate Limits.

Where are the science-based articles and content I see in LIFE Apps?

LifeOmic maintains an active science-backed content network at:

Intermittent fasting has more and more science based studies and literature each year. LIFE Extend and LIFE Fasting Tracker monitor five main pillars of health and each have their own respective frequently asked questions:

Where can I find support for LIFE applications?

The support portal for LIFE Fasting Tracker is located at:

What browsers do you support for your web apps?

The last 2 versions of Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari are supported - including the mobile versions of Chrome and Safari.

Note: The release cadence for supported browsers may be found at their respective sites:

What OS versions do you support for the LIFE Fasting Tracker and LIFE Extend mobile apps?

We support iOS 11.4 or later and Android 6.0 or later for both apps.

Note: You can always find the most up to date OS versions supported on the respective App Store/Play Store listings:

Where is LifeOmic's Security and Bug-Bounty Program?

LifeOmic maintains an active bug-bounty program (powered by HackerOne) and a LifeOmic Hacker leaderboard. To learn more about LifeOmic's Security Program visit:

Authentication, Security, & Compliance


Data Science and Deep Learning

Health Data

User Engagement

Last update: 2020-11-17