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PHC SDK for Python

Source location - lifeomic/phc-sdk-py

The phc-sdk-py is a developer kit for interfacing with the PHC API on Python 3.7 and above.

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Getting Started


Getting the Source

This project is hosted on GitHub. You can clone this project directly using this command:

git clone


Python environments are managed using virtualenv. Be sure to have this installed first pip install virtualenv. The makefile will setup the environment for the targets listed below.


This installs some pre-commit hooks that will format and lint new changes.

make setup

Running tests

make test


make lint


pip install phc


A Session needs to be created first that stores the token and account information needed to access the PHC API. One can currently using API Key tokens generated from the PHC Account, or OAuth tokens generated using the CLI.

from phc import Session

session = Session(token=<TOKEN VALUE>, account="myaccount")

Once a Session is created, you can then access the different parts of the platform.

from import Accounts

accounts = Accounts(session)
myaccounts = accounts.get_list()

Release Process

Releases are generally created with each merged PR. Packages for each release are published to PyPi. See for release notes.


This project uses Semantic Versioning.


We encourage public contributions! Please review and for details on our code of conduct and development process.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see LICENSE file for details.


See the list of contributors who participate in this project.


This project is built with the following:

  • aiohttp - Asynchronous HTTP Client/Server for asyncio and Python.

Last update: 2022-05-19
Created: 2022-05-19