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Source location - lifeomic/chromicons


Handcrafted open source icons from LifeOmic. Ready to use in web, iOS, Android, and desktop apps. Completely open source, MIT licensed, and built with ♥️ by the team at LifeOmic.


npm package 📦

The recommended path for usage is via the package on npm.

  1. Install Dependency
yarn add @lifeomic/chromicons
  1. Import Icons!
import { Apple } from '@lifeomic/chromicons';

With React-Native

  1. Install Dependency
yarn add @lifeomic/chromicons-png
  1. Import Icons!

Icon images are stored in the lined folder. Each icon has its own folder with images for different screen densities (@1x, @1.5x, @2x, ..., @4x). Usage:

    style={{ height: 24, width: 24, tintColor: 'red' }}

With React-Native (react-native-svg)

  1. Install Dependencies
yarn add @lifeomic/chromicons-native
  1. Import the Icon Components
import { Apple } from '@lifeomic/chromicons-native';

<Apple stroke="red" />;

Web App 💻

You can view and copy all of the SVGs to your clipboard via the web app. It also provides a link to download all raw SVGs.

Icon Requests

Have an icon you want designed? File a GitHub issue and we'd be happy to create it for you!

Last update: 2022-05-19
Created: 2022-05-19